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Ms. Hanh Nguyen

Shall we have access to the recordings of the pre-convention and convention live workshops?

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Mr. Sisamout Saenbouttaraj

Hi, everyone.  This is the first time for me to participate in the VietnamTESOL Convention. I'm really excited to meet a lot of well-known speakers from across the globe. However, how can I get what the speakers have presented at the sessions where I couldn't attend? Thank you very much in advance for your kind assistance.

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Hi, Will we get the Certificate of Attendance and Certificate of Speaker after Viettesol ends? Big thanks

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Ms. Huyen Dinh

Yes, you will

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Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang Nga

Such an insightful event! a Big Thank-you!

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Dr. Johanna Motteram

Hi everyone,

I noticed some specific questions about language assessment and particular tests in Dr Nick Saville's presentations. If you would like to learn more about language assessment, this free course from the British Council about language assessment in the classroom might be helpful. 

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Nguyet Ho

I am looking forward to the event

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Ms. Ngoc Pham

I am looking forward to attending this event. 

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Prof. James Rush

Great work, VIC Organizing/Planning Committee ~ Job well done so far!

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Mr. Viet Khoa

VIC2020 first time online!!! It has been huge work for everyone. 

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Ms. Huyen Nguyen

Hi everyone, this is the first time I attended Viettesol .  I am really excited  to learn new things and connect with other professionals who share the same interest as me. 

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Mr. Khanh Bui

Hi everyone, the "convention cafe" is for us to network with each other. Please leave your comments, introduction, or any questions you have. Also, please share with us your experiences with this year's convention. Is it easy for you navigate everything on the website? 

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Ms. Diane Millar

Dear VietTESOL Convention Team and Attendees,

I wanted to wish everyone the best of luck with this fantastic digital convention!  The site is great and the schedule looks jam-packed with many great sessions.  Due to the time zone difference to the U.S., I don't think I'll be able to attend many live sessions - but I wanted to wish you all a very fruitful and productive convention.  It is an honor to see VietTESOL in action!

All the best,

Diane Millar

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Mr. Khanh Bui

Thank you very much for your support. You can view all the sessions again at your convenience. 

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Ms. Ha Nguyen

Dear Ms. Diane Millar,

I'm Ha Nguyen from NFLP. It's great to hear from you again. How have you been since you left Vietnam? 

We all miss you and the time you were here. Thank you for your participation, your compliments, and your wishes. 

See you and wish you all the best! 

Love from the NFLP, MOET of Vietnam

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Ms. Mai Tran My co-presenter and I have transferred the registration fees (at that time was 1200000 VND) to the account of Hoi ngon ngu hoc Vietnam with the suggested format. I have screenshot the transfer, yet till now I haven't get any email from Viettesol confirming my registration. I have just received an email telling that I have to buy a ticket to be in presenter list. (This time it is 500000 VND). Who should I contact now for this problem? Thank you very much.
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Mrs. Huyen Do My abstract was stated as "added to backup list" while I received an email noted as "Accepted". Are they the same?
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Mr. VietTESOL Association Hi Huyen Do, basically an "accepted" abstract meets the requirements of VIC2020. However, due to the fact that VIC2020 is going online, there will be a change in the number of presentations/ workshops. That's why your abstract is now "added to the backup list" until we finalize our virtual capacity.
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Ms. Ha Van Le I'm wondering if there is any grants for presenter this year?
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Ms. Tram Nguyen Announcements for grants will be made soon. Please stay tuned.
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VietTESOL Convention Did you know that a workshop at VietTESOL International Convention is 60 minutes in length and the longest breakout session at the event? If you wonder what a workshop is and how it is conducted, check out the article: How to Conduct an ELT Workshop. This article serves to give readers a framework for planning, preparing, and delivering a successful workshop, including strategies to keep on pace and anticipate and overcome obstacles.
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Ms. Hoa Hoang How many abstracts am I allowed to submit?
1 Reply 1 Love May 25, 2020 08:30 AM
VietTESOL Convention Hi, you can submit up to two abstract proposals as a primary author. But you can be added as a co-author of multiple abstract proposals.
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Mr. Khanh Bui When is the deadline for abstract submission?
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Ms. Tram Nguyen How can I submit my abstract?
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Mr. Khanh Bui Please submit via our website at
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