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If you encounter any difficulty in submitting your proposal(s), please post your questions here. Our support team or other authors will get back to you shortly.

Dr. Hossein Hosseini

Will we receive decisions on our abstract submissions today, 1 July 2022?
Thank you

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Dr. Leah Gustilo

Hi, the deadline was yesterday, but I just saw this call for abstract submission today. I submitted my abstract via email because I could not see the link for abstract submission. I'd like to know if you received the email and if you still accept abstract submissions. 

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Lecturer Man Truong

Hi, can you please check if my abstract (sent April) has been received as I received an email saying it was withdrawn? 

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Mrs. Chuong Mai

Pls help to send the Abstract, dear!

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I have created an account. I followed the steps to submit my abstract. An the end, the button SUBMIT was blue. I couldn't send my submision. Please help me!

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Dr. William Salazar


I am trying to submit an abstract to :convention@viettesol.org

I received a message telling me that the is full or getting to much mail.  What do you advise?


William Salazar

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Dr. Toshinobu Nagamine

Hello there. I am trying to participate in the conference for the first time (from Japan). I will submit an abstract soon. But, I have a question for you. At this point, due to the pandemic-related issues, it might be difficult (if not impossible) for me to travel to the venue. Can I still submit my abstract assuming that I will be able to participate virtually in the conference and present my research online (if accepted, that is)? Thank you for your help in advance.

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Duong Le Moderator

Dear Dr. Toshinobu Nagamine

Thank you for your interest in our conference. Overseas authors who cannot come to present in-person will be invited to present virtually. Please go ahead to submit your proposal(s) and help us spreading the words, too.

VietTESOL Association

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Duong Le Moderator

When is the deadline for my proposal submission(s)?

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Duong Le Moderator

The Submission Deadline has been extended to May 30, 2022. Please submit your proposal(s) in time as no additional extensions are expected.

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Duong Le Moderator

The system said that my email or password did not match? What happened? What can I do? 

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Duong Le Moderator

This is what might have happened:

1. You do not have a current account on this website associated with the email address entered. If you are certain that you do have an account  with that email on this website, please go to No. 2. Otherwise, please Create a New Account here: https://viettesol.dryfta.com/attendees-authors-registration

2. You might have forgotten your password. Please go here to reset your Password: https://viettesol.dryfta.com/english-en/register/passwordreset. You will receive a reset link via your email address. 

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The system announced  that my submision is only a draft. How can I submit my abstract

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